The Hyniva Difference

We Are Not Just Another Technology Firm

At Hyniva, we set ourselves apart by prioritizing enduring relationships, aiming to transcend the conventional role of a software company to become a strategic partner. The distinctive value consistently delivered throughout the digital journey defines the Hyniva Difference, making us a trusted and tactical ally.

Direct Access to Expertise

Our business structure eliminates padded bureaucracy and encourage collaboration, providing direct access to our key leadership & SMEs

Value & Transparency

Embracing transparency at our core, we openly sharing both positive and negative aspects to foster customer trust and mitigate risks

Personalized Attention

Crafting solutions for your success, we offer personalized attention to  your business objectives, guaranteeing excellence in every detail.

Small but Mighty

Our compact team transforms “limitations” into a competitive edge, delivering explosive results that speak volumes


Innovation is in our DNA

What does this mean for our clients?

  • Freedom to Innovate
  • Greater Efficiency & Cost Optimization
  • Access to Proven Delivery Team
  • Automation at Every Layer

Hyper is a portfolio planner designed to empower customers in making well-informed investment decisions based on their current financial picture

EazySchool is a CRM platform designed to streamline and automate school administration with a seamless customer experience.

Digital Thoughts

Our Specializations

Industries We Serve

At Hyniva, we understand that challenges are unique within each industry; we assert that a universal approach is ineffective. Leveraging our diverse proficiency of advanced development methods, Gen AI, Data, and Cloud technology, we are poised to deliver robust solutions overcoming every obstacle.


We emphasize our broad reach as our base to tackle any industry specific challenge. Learn how Hyniva has positioned itself to deliver strong and proven results.

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