Predicting future challenges and new strategies is not magic anymore. Past data along with sound logical/statistical analysis can help in identifying the risk and the uncertainty typically associated with corporate decision making.

Advance analytics changing everything around us, cars are becoming smarter, smart phone becoming smarter, wearables are smarter and connected. Data across mobile, social cloud technologies are used to collect and extract meaning from the data we are generating helping in refinement of products, services, solutions and customer experience trying to be one step ahead of your competition.

Hyniva bring in unique capabilities to its customer. Ability to identify qualifying meaning about data, one needs to be knowledgeable about the business domain. We put together a team of innovative experts having real-life experience in developing products and solutions in varied industries. Our team uses latest technologies applying analytical model, data integration, data transformation, data analytics along with strategy and domain consulting to define, develop data driven experience.

We help with traditional business reporting and integration architecture, model development and data structures, structured data and unstructured data, statistical calculation and non-statistical query development, across varied Business Intelligence Reporting, Integration and Database platforms (SAP, IBM, Dell-EMC, Qlikview, Tableau, Pentaho, Informatica, Tibco and many more)

We can help you across numerous analytics model that a current organization requires to develop itself in to a data driven organization improving decision process. Our team can help with

  • Predictive Analytics (Risk Modeling & Analytics, Scoring, Decision making, Fraud, etc.)
  • Customer Analytics (Cross selling, Customer Experience, Marketing, CRM, etc.)
  • Digital Analytics (Social Media Analytics, Brand Analytics, etc.)
  • Health Industry Analytics
  • IoT Machine learning and Analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Loss Prevention
  • Behavioral and People Analytics
  • Industrial Analytics (Failure Assessment, Recalls, Logistics, PLM )
Enterprise information Management

Predicting future challenges and new stratWe help you integrate your enterprise systems through our accelerated strategy for data management, developing solutions that help you define data, manage data life cycle and manage transformation align clear ownership and structure though Data Governance. Reduce the burden of data in an ever changing growing environment.

We also provide help with your mundane task managing infrastructures for your EIM. Database and system administration, Data integration, modeling, performance optimization, development of your data warehousing and DataMart, up/down dependency data streams, batch processing, data transformations, ETL, jobs scheduling and monitoring – anything and everything we need to cover to make your business run smoothly.

Business Intelligence

We can help develop a modern data driven COE and help you shred the skin of past models and failure. Our experts will help you develop necessary operational reporting strategy, data integration and retention strategy, dimensional modeling, performance optimization and other doldrums operational tasks that are important and necessary for executive day to day operations. We can help you with industry aligned products like Cognos, Bluemix, Netezza, PDOA, Business Objects, HANA, Informatics, Datastage-Inforshere, Bhoomi, Pentaho, QlikView, Tableau, Pivotal, Vertica and many other products.

Big Data

Hyniva team will help you bring your data, your analytics, and your applications work synchronously. WE help you define killer use case during our Big Data Workshops. Avail our POV for ROI service to demonstrate our team’s ability to fast implement a model that allows you to validate a solution and the value it brings to your organization.

How big is your data volume, squeeze it with our Big data solution, put your data in Cloud or in Private data center we move it through Hadoop solution across platforms – Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR, Microsoft HDinsight, Pivotal HD, Datastax, implemented use off the shelves hardware from IBM, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Oracle or go to Cloud Amazon AWS, Rackspace, VCE vBlock, DataLake, Xtremo, anything we can think of as long has it has processor, memory and hard disk and talk across distributed infrastructure.

Enterprise Customer Analytics

Hyniva team will help you move from strategy to realization enabling and integrated, enterprise-grade Data Lake that generates high-value insights across your organization. We will get your IT to deliver faster providing the infrastructure that your developer’s can realistically use, enable better decisions benefiting everyone.

Customer Value Analytics solutions help companies leverage big data technologies drive and deliver a holistic view of the customer across multiple dimensions: transactions, interactions, behavior, product preferences and environment. Organizations can take advantage of all channels for both customer acquisition and servicing. Our team provide the required oversight wisdom for development of advanced models and visualization that is relevant for customer experience and customer value analysis.

Master Data Management

Hyniva brings frameworks, accelerators and solutions that one would require to develop a centralized information hub. We integrate your EIM systems with your core operational systems, and define and implement robust merging and matching routines for both customer and product.

With our Master Data Management services, you will be empowered to:

  • Increase profitability through up-selling and cross-selling enhancing customer relationships, minimize data duplication
  • Multi-channel marketing enables through integrated through customer and product MDM
  • Enable fast track risk rating, credit, or coverage decisions through a better analysis of the applicant data
  • Increase productivity and optimize business-to-consumer interactions by providing all customer touch-points with the most up to date information
  • Keep up with growing legislation and compliance requirement such as Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC, Basel III, BCBS 239, Data Privacy, Solvency II, HIPAA etc.
  • Enhance your management reporting capabilities leading to faster and better business decisions

Fast track your ROI realization working with us and developing solution with proven use-case-driven methodology provides our customers with tangible business value fast.