Hyniva is a certified member in the Amazon Partner Network. Our team of professionals focus on a wide range of service areas ranging from cloud strategy to streamlining infrastructure design.

Navigating the extensive array of AWS services can be daunting, but with Hyniva as your strategic ally, we simplify the complexities for you. Our expertise lies in customized solutions that match with your distinctive business necessities, guaranteeing efficient utilization of the appropriate AWS services. Unlock the power of AWS through Hyniva, making your journey into the cloud seamless and efficient. Here is a glimpse of the services we offer.

Our Capabilities

Cloud Migration

Our team will assess, analyze and execute a smooth migration of your current systems to the AWS cloud with minimal downtime and a strong focus on security measures.

Data Management

Setup a variety of highly secure data storage solutions such as Amazon S3, RDS. We leverage Amazon RedShift and Glue services to enable data processing at scale.

Governance, Risk Compliance

Enhance your GRC by leveraging tools to enable real-time monitoring, streamline processes, mitigate business risks and ensure regulation adherence.

DevOps & CI / CD

We implement CI/CD pipelines for automated software deployment and integrate DevOps practices to streamline your operations and processes.

Managed Services

Our team consistently monitors your AWS infrastructure, effectively managing routine tasks such as patching, backups, and security updates.

Infrastructure Design

Our experts create scalable, budget-friendly architectures matching your business needs while enhancing existing structures for optimization.

Software Optimization

Examining and enhancing the performance of your applications through the utilization of scaling strategies to manage fluctuating workloads across your infrastructure.

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