Clouds Services

Global enterprises needs to transform to digital enterprise including cloud as part of their foundation technology align with the market insight, tap new opportunities and tap capabilities that help in providing a richer interactive customer experiences.

Strategy and Consulting

Let Hyniva guide you in identifying business and IT drivers for cloud strategies, defining a cloud roadmap, and selecting the right cloud platform.

Cloud Platform Services

We can help you plan, build and manage a cloud platforms using your choice of innovative cloud services. We can help you use and develop virtual private platform services containing rebuild cost, developing efficiency in deployment models. Build using VMware/Dell, Rackspace, Amazon, Cisco, IBM or others as necessary. Reduce cost by using your Cloud strategy for DevOps, Test Desktops, virtual Desktop or use Hyniva’s Platform as a Service developing a digital work place for you employees.

Cloud Application Services

We can help you transform your applications by hosting, extending or building them on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms. Hyniva can help you develop a strong Cloud based application services using, Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Use Hyniva’s Cloud services for Testing Automation as a Service.

Cloud Software Services

Hyniva will help you leverage process‑led functional solutions delivered via SaaS models. Use Hyniva’s Business process as a service solution to enable efficiency across your organization.

Cloud Management Services

We provision and manage cloud resources. Use our cloud operational support to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Microsoft Azure and Cloud Solutions

Salesforce/ Integration

Microsoft Azure and Cloud Solutions

Oracle Cloud Solution

Microsoft Azure and Cloud Solutions

Cloud Platform Services