Digital Thoughts

Digital means differently for different Industries. Going digital for a farmer in Africa means nothing, but at same time going digital for a California Organic farmer means a lot – it means reaching to the socially conscious people who are the consumer and would help in selling out his produce and products with minimum loss. It means the farmer can take orders from specialty restaurants those that has become prevalent in providing new locally grown sustainable food from farm to the table. For the farmer it means livelihood and continuation of a revolution that will possible catch on slowly across the world

On the other hand if a group of community business women micro financed by HOPE International or Gramin in India are allowed to start selling their products using mobile digital commerce, it starts a new era in digital micro trading opening up the ability for traditional rural and tribal below poverty communities to reach out and trade at the same level as Amazon, Alibaba and others.

Digital Strategy 2.0

Digital means more for some, unknown for some and difference for some. Typically, retail businesses with direct consumer interaction whose business function and strategy depends on their ability to reach out to the customer and have a positive interaction resulting in new business or extended loyalty are the candidates for the second stage of digital migration.

Fortunately this means almost every company in the world who manages and maintains a model for marketing to reach their consumer segment is in play. Most companies playing a catch up has invested or thinking of investing in to IT infra for digital alignment. To achieve Digital Nirvana one needs to reach beyond the initial roadmap for digital journey, start by transforming how you do business. One has to acknowledge digital strategy is not IT strategy to be mobile, which is possibly one of the steps.

Digital is the ability to use and apply information technology to raise human performance across an organizations direct circle of influence. Logically, create the efficiency of driving foresight and innovation through human performance utilizing the abilities the technologies provide. Use it for direction setting, reorganizing sequencing resources and realizing commitments.

Enable the human (employees) inside and the human (customers) outside the organization with the freedom of structured sequenced interaction that allows common deployment of resources in helping to break down barrier that achieves value creation for both sides in a game allowing both to win – one helping in branding and generating revenue and the other walks away with value for spend and satisfaction

The death of productivity and the rise of Outcome. Hyniva can help your organization to align to Digital roadmap. Depending on where a company stands in the digital maturity scale, we can help you reset or alleviate your ability for direction setting in the right path to move you forward.

We help you assess your digital vision and goal, refine it based on your commitment, define the rules of engagement and who should be made responsible and what resources you need to commit to achieve your goals.

Aligning your solution to expected outcome and keeping that in line of sight is the best way of achieving goals.