Internet of Things

In the future: cars, motorcycles, jet engines, refrigerators, home security devices and watches will be connected to the internet and will communicate with each other.

All the sensors, devices and machines across the world, connected through internet will set the new digital age with opportunities for industries, including:

  • Healthcare providers who can remotely monitor medical devices and a patients health, enabling privacy and a better quality of life
  • Industries can provide personalized experience with popup discount at POS, reminding you of your hair cut that has been long due when passing a salon, personalized discounts and shopping experiences
  • Financial Institutions customizing offers, products and more engagement via mobile apps, tellers and ATMs
  • Predict and capture early equipment failures, possible manufacturing defect with self-reporting systems cutting reducing equipment fatigue and maintenance for manufacturing companies
  • Track your package across continents, real-time visibility into location and condition of assets for transport and logistics industries
  • “just-in-time” fulfillment, local delivery or meal preparation in restaurants
  • Reduce power consumptions creating smart

We will help you create IoT business cases and enable technologies for you to build eniterly new business models and revenue streams, while boosting efficiency.

Strategic thinking

There are no rules and set standards to approach IoT. It’s the speed of thought, things you would like to achieve, what your constraints are, how much is logical for you to spend and Hyniva will help you get to you goals.

Putting it together

We bring together technology, business knowhow, Industry knowledge and cook new ideas defining strategy, design and future technology alignments which will convert your physical world to a digital world with avatars branding your presence in today’s social IoT culture. See Industry solutions

Hyniva offers IoT consulting, integration, with strong implementation and operational support to navigate the spider web of digital innovation and new challenges.