Use mobile agility to drive enterprises technology goals and catch up with market demands. Jump in the middle of the change and harness the power of reaching out to anyone connected. We offers accelerators and tools for an enterprise to be at the sight of the customer by becoming part of their day to day life.

Strategy and Consulting

We work with your mobility vision and help you develop a strategy to achieve your digital goals taking to a journey where no one has gone before.

Managed Services

Our managed services help you accelerate deployment of mobile technology through a cloud-enabled solution. We can help you develop prototypes to test and align mobile solution on a “pay as you go” model across varied services as well as solution for a predictable fixed fee.

Mobile Factory

We provide guidance and help you reinvent mobile development — from UI design and testing, to data integration and security. Use our experience to minimize your cost, use our accelerators to minimize your cost to collect insight. Align to an outcome based solution model that targets success as the only criteria.

Mobility Solutions

We provide numerous mobility solutions, from use of pre-built frameworks to complete enterprise solutions, covering automated image based data acquisition to cloud based mobile testing labs and numerous other accelerators to choose from.


A framework for acquiring images through mobile devices and converting to insightful data. Use it to automate acquisition of vehicle VIN number, read ID card (Driver’s License, Security ID, Passports), and scan any type of bar code/QR codes, highly scalable integration model that allows for Wireless, NFC integration to help you reach the masses.


A framework provide web service and API based integration of mobile core data and application data to be shared real-time or batch with cloud of hosted systems enabling the ability to sync data across platforms. XML and HMTL 5 based decoupled solution allowing for very limited footprint.