Transforming Salesforce complexity into your competitive advantage – Hyniva, your expert navigator in maximizing the potential of sales and business operations.

Empower your business transformation with Salesforce, the leading cloud-based CRM solution. Whether migrating or upgrading, trust Hyniva as your experienced partner for a seamless journey, unlocking the full potential of Salesforce’s comprehensive tools and services. Here is a glimpse of the services we offer.

Our Capabilities

Automated Workflows

Design and implementation of automation rules and workflows to streamline, increase efficiency of business processes leveraging in-built features such as Process Builder and Flow.

Mobile Integration

We develop & optimize custom Salesforce solutions for mobile-friendly experiences and ensure users can access critical information and functionalities on the go

Systems Integration

Enable Integration of external business systems, 3rd party systems and middleware solutions with Salesforce to create a unified data ecosystem.


Hyniva will conduct a thorough review of your business workflows to design the best configuration, along with migration of existing data with minimal disruption.

App Customization

We develop fully custom applications and functionalities within Salesforce to address your specific business needs leveraging pre-built solutions like Salesforce AppExchange.

Analytics Reporting

Customized dashboards to provide insights into key performance metrics and customer interactions. Utilize Salesforce for advanced data analytics and visualization.

Delivery Enablers

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