Embark on a new era of wealth and asset management, where the landscape is reshaped by the transformative power of software technology.

From personalized strategies to data-driven insights, the future of financial success begins with innovation. We can help you navigate the challenges of transitioning to the digital future. Let’s explore how Hyniva can help you make that digital leap.

Robo Advisor

Integrate AI powered robo-adviory features to drastically reduce customer response times and provide personalized investment suggestions to customers.

Portfolio Management

We design and develop customized portfolio management systems, leveraging risk assessment tools that enable streamlined customer experiences.

CRM Systems

We create tailored CRM solutions or enable seamless transitions to 3rd Party systems to enable efficient tracking, management and provide personalized servicing for your customers.

Digital Experience

Transition to a full digital experience across Desktop and Mobile solutions to provide a streamlined experience for back-office teams and end customers.

Crypto Integration

Explore opportunities to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies securely to provide a unique investment options for customer segments.

Delivery Enablers

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